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Superyacht owners are quickly learning of the immediate need of a cyber resilient strategy. They may not know to refer to it as cyber resilience, but most know to some degree the significantly damaging effect and expense that hackers and cyber criminals can impose on the yacht’s systems and operation technology. By significantly damaging I mean very, very costly.

Crafting a well-run, cyber resilience plan aboard a superyacht is not a one time event or designated to one person. The long term effectiveness and strength of the plan is galvanized with continuous  monitoring and education. Not only does it become necessary to appoint a clearly-identified leader to delegate responsibilities on policy and procedure protocol, a comprehensive team strategy additionally requires leaders for a response plan and obtaining the proper insurance.

The Superyacht Cyber Guide has been established completely for the purpose of mapping this journey. Cyber threats and hackers are constantly evolving, thus addressing threats both old and new also require ongoing information and guidance.

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S|Y CYBER Resilience

When it comes to cyber security and the imminent threats of a hacker attack, who assumes ultimate responsibility of protecting the vessel and crew from hackers can be in a word, divisive. Obvious indications point to the top, whether that be the owner or related management. This holds true, yet it is merely where the responsibility begins. The top's primary responsibility should at a minimum  include implementing and delegating a cyber resilient strategy (plan) for the superyacht. A plan brings clarity, assigns responsibility and moves the conversation forward from awareness to action. 


Cyber resilience is further strengthened by the use of cyber threat intelligence (CTI). CTI is the collection and analysis of information about current and potential attacks that threaten the safety and assets of a superyacht and crew . The benefit of threat intelligence is that it's a proactive security measure, preventing data breaches and saving you the financial nightmare of cleaning up after a cyber criminal attacks. Its purpose is to give superyacht owner, captains and crew an in-depth understanding of the threats that pose the greatest risk to their operations and tell them what they can do to protect their organization.


Addressing the most pressing of cyber-related gaps in insurance coverage has spawned aggressive action from policy developers and carriers. Much like the technology to prevent intrusion and attacks continues to reiterate, so has the cyber liability insurance policy, as carriers are specifically crafting forms and policies around the detailed exposures of their target market. Understanding the nuances between policy coverages in never more critical when it comes to insuring against hackers. As a superyacht cyber manager and agent I provide guidance in this process.


In the end people will make mistakes. No system is 100% secure.
— Itai Sela, CEO naval dome


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